Clamping bands offer
Worm drive hose clip
Mini - fuel clip
Acid - resistant worm drive hose clip
Reinforced worm drive hose clip
The click band
One-use clamp
Swivel clamp
Adjustable swivel clamp
Hose clamp
Plastic cable clamp
Metal-rubber hose clamp
System for clamping road signs and billboards
Mini - fuel clip
  • Compared to our different products, these clamps are characterized by exceptionally small size and effective diameter range : from 6.0 mm to 27.0 mm, the width of belt 7.5 mm. The product is made of stainless steel strip with high resistance.

    The product, like models of higher diameters, has a stamping on the screw thread, which allows for free use of the whole effective diameter.

    Moreover, the edges of the clamps are curved outside and due to this there are no damages of pipes, tubes or other elements on which the clamps are placed.